A presentation of artists from Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) for Post-Punk music genres such as Gothic, Industrial, DarkWave, New-Wave, EBM, New Romantic, Electro/Synth-Punk/Rock & other varieties of dark Post-Industrial Electronic Music.

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ANZ bands were at the forefront of defining these genres* in the 70s & 80s. Some have become the most enduring & prolific artists; producing continuously through to the present time. This site presents a guide to hundreds of projects: some artists have become genre icons; some bands transitioned in order to achieve commercial chart success (which meant many people are not aware of their earlier, darker and more experimental music); and many other groups stick to the Punk ethos of remaining independent, DIY & underground - making music just for the thrill of it with little attempt to seek fame or fortune.


This Youtube playlist features 150+ songs by dozens of artists, past & present, spanning these various genres; barely scratching the surface! You'll find thousands more songs in the playlists on the respective Artist Profile pages. The tracks were selected by DJ Robot Citizen in January 2015. To view & move about the full list click on the word 'playlist' at the top left of the video screen.

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Footnote: * In more detail, the scope of music covered on this site includes: industrial, gothic, electro-industrial, goth rock, darkwave, death-rock, new romantic, electronic body music (EBM), industrial-rock, metal-industrial, dark electro, dark electronica, elektro, (darker) synthpop, dark alternative pop/rock, noise-rock, pre-punk '70s glam-rock (being a precursor prime influence), (darker) new-wave rock, no-wave, electro-rock, electro-punk, synth-punk, cyber-goth, cyber-punk, dance-punk, horror-punk, power-noise, witch-house, glitch-hop, dark electronic dance music (EDM), drag, dark ambient, musique concrete, avant garde, coldwave, chill-wave, breakcore, darkcore, hellectro, aggrotech, darkstep & so on... bands, artists, groups, producers, projects ... ;-)

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Feature Album:
Australian Synthpop Industrial Noise Gothic Electronica Darkwave

This compilation album is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in CD quality audio on BandCamp. It was originally released on 1000+ CDs in 2002; launched with club-band-events in 8 cities of Australia; many of the tracks were played on radio shows across the nation & internationally; some were featured on the popular national Triple J (JJJ) radio station; some were often played in nightclubs.

The album was produced by www.BlatantPropaganda.org.

We'll soon post news about the next compilation which is due for release through this site in March 2015. :)