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EYE is an independent D.I.Y. underground 'anarcho' alternative music band with roots in the Australian cities of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth as well as the USA (San Diego, Los Angeles, Newark, New Jersey); self-releasing numerous EPs, albums, singles & compilations. Without corporate assistance, EYE's music has achieved very extensive radio play across Australia & internationally. This includes the track 'A Nice Walk in the Park' being rostered on the daily playlist of the popular national government radio station Triple J (JJJ) - a rare accomplishment for an Australian act coming from the industrial genre. Numerous other overtly political songs achieved high rotation across the national Community Radio network (non-government, non-commercial) namely: 'Mandate!', 'Taliban: Made by the USA', 'Refugees: Scapegoats (Detention Without Trial)', 'Are You a Terrorist?' & the early 'Grave New World'. Eye's self-released albums have achieved 'Album of the Week' status on several Australian radio stations (such as 4ZZZ & 2XX). EYE's 'zero-budget' videos have been broadcast on national TV stations (ABC & SBS). EYE songs have been released on over 50 compilation CDs around the world. In recent times EYE tracks surpassed 150,000 views on video channels like youtube & dailymotion combined; posted online many years after they were featured on radio. EYE's music commenced in the tradition of early industrial groups like SPK, Einsturzende Neubauten, Severed Heads, Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy, Laibach & Test Dept. From there EYE has explored many related genres & sub-genres: electro-industrial, gothic, cyberpunk, industrial-rock, electroclash, EBM (electronic body music), dark electronic dance music (EDM), electronica, hip-hop, electro-rock, synth-punk, synth/electro-pop, power-pop, celtic-punk, political hip-hop-rap, futurepop, trip-hop, indietronica, dark ambient, musique concrete and music like witch-house & glitch-hop though long before those genre terms came into common usage. EYE have also performed &/or released music under the sibling-project names of 'aya', 'E.L.F.', 'elf', 'AphAziA', 'DJ Citizen' & 'QT'... EYE have announced they seek to remix & remaster 5-10 albums worth of material to be (re)released during 2016.

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>>> www.EYE.audio

>>> www.EyeMusic.info

>>> www.youtube.com/user/EYEmusique/videos

>>> www.soundcloud.com/eye-music-songs

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>>> eyenoise.bandcamp.com/releases

>>> www.facebook.com/EYE.music.songs

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>>> www.reverbnation.com/eyebandmusic

>>> twitter.com/eyemusicband

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EYE Demonstration Electro Industrial Rock Post-Punk EBM Cyber Goth Political Protest Social Justice Activist Australian Alternative Music Bands Projects Artists Groups Songs Herd Under Social Hypnosis Album Cover Image

EYE ElectroPunk ElectroRock Industrial-Rock DHC Dark Electronic Australian Alternative Aussie Music Bands Promo Image Sydney Melbourne Perth Canberra Brisbane Adelaide Newcastle

EYE Alternative Music Australian Bands Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Perth Adelaide Sunshine Gold Coast Newcastle Canberra Toowoomba Byron Wollongong Darwin Hobart Bay Bendigo Ballarat Nowra Albury Wodonga Geelong Gosford Cairns Wagga Wagga Rockhampton Townsville Fremantle Gladstone Alice Springs Hervey Bay Mackay Dark Heavy Electronica Electro Industrial Post Synth Punk Rock Pop Cyber Gothic Aggrotech DarkWave EBM Alternative Electronic Dance Music EDM Glitch Hop Techno Witch House

EYE This System Will Eat Itself Australian American Alternative Music Bands Heavy Hard Dark Electro Industrial Techno Metal Noise Synth Punk Glitch Rock CyberGoth Sydney Brisbane Newcastle Melbourne Perth Wollongong Canberra Gold Coast Maitland Tweed Heads USA San Diego Francisco Los Angeles California Newark New Jersey New York City NYC Tampa Orlando St Petersburg Florida Russia Toowoomba Byron Bay Bendigo Wollongong Darwin Hobart Tasmania Ballarat Geelong Gosford Cairns Wagga Wagga Nowra Rockhampton Albury Wodonga Townsville Alice Springs Fremantle Gladstone Albany Hervey Bay Mackay

EYE Heavy Alternative Electronic Rock Electro Synth Punk post Industrial Electronica Australian Dance EDM Bands Aussie Music Propaganda Machine Promo Image from Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Canberra

EYEIndustrial Darkwave Electronic Rock Cyber Punk Goth EBM WitchHouse GlitchHop Dark EDM Alternative Electronic Dance Music Bands from Australia New Zealand cities Auckland Adelaide Brisbane Cairns Canberra Christchurch Gold-Coast Sydney Melbourne Newcastle Perth Townsville Wellington Wollongong USA San Diego Los Angeles Newark New Jersey New York City

EYE Dark Electronic Dance Music EDM Producers Synth Wave Electro Clunk Elektro Techno Pop Industrial Glitch Haus Hop Witch House Step IDM Indietronica Radio Club DJs Australian Alternative Aussie Kiwi New Zealand Bands Artists Musicians Groups in from cities Brisbane Christchurch Canberra Adelaide Auckland Cairns Gold-Coast Tweed Heads Melbourne Sydney Newcastle Maitland Townsville Perth Wollongong Wellington USA Newark San Diego New JerseyLos Angeles Newark

EYE CTrvw Electro Punk Industrial Synth Pop Dark Alternative Rock Electronic Body Intelligent New Wave Dance Music EBM EDM IDM Australian Bands Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth Canberra Times Review New Zealand Auckland Wellington Christchurch 670whLo

EYE Industrial DarkWave ElectroPunk ElectroRock SynthPunk Grave Wave DancePunk Aussie Australian American Electronic Dance Music Bands Groups Producers EDM from cities Adelaide Auckland Cairns Brisbane Christchurch Canberra Gold-Coast Melbourne Sydney Newcastle Townsville Perth Wollongong Wellington USA Los Angeles Newark Newark San Diego New Jersey

EYE Audio Industrial Dark Electro Goth Synth Punk Glitch Rock Alternative New Wave Pop IDM EBM EDM Electronic Protest Australian Dance Music Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Canberra Aussie Underground Bands

EYE Psychological Warfare Electro Industrial Synth Punk Drum & Bass DnB Grime Breakbeat 2Step DubStep Garage Australian Heavy Electronic Music Bands from Sydney Melbourne Newcastle Perth Brisbane Gold Coast Adelaide Byron Bay Canberra

EYE Drum Media reviewE lectro Industrial Synth Punk Dark Heavy Alternative Rock Intelligent Electronic Body Dance New Wave Pop Music IDM EDM EBM Aussie Bands from Melbourne Sydney Adelaide Brisbane Perth Canberra Australia

EYE Australian Industrial Electronic Dance Music EDM Bands Alternative Bands Australia in from Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Newcastle Adelaide Perth Gold Sunshine Coast Canberra Byron Bay Hobart Tasmania Wollongong Toowoomba Bendigo Ballarat Nowra Darwin Cairns Wagga Wagga Geelong Gosford Townsville Alice Springs Rockhampton Albury Wodonga Mackay Fremantle Gladstone Hervey Bay Dark New Wave Electro Rock Post Industrial Synth Punk Future Pop EDM Electronica Dance Cyber Gothic Darkwave EBM Witch House Glitch Trip Hop

EYE Electronic Dance Music EDM Australia Bands in from Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Adelaide Perth Newcastle Sunshine Gold Coast Toowoomba Canberra Byron Bay Hobart Tasmania Bendigo Wollongong Darwin Ballarat Nowra Geelong Gosford Cairns Wagga Wagga Rockhampton Albury Wodonga Townsville Alice Springs Hervey Bay Mackay Fremantle Gladstone Dark Heavy Hard Electronica Electro Industrial Post Punk Synth Pop Cyber Gothic Rock DarkWave EBM Aggrotech Alt Club Music Glitch Hop Techno Witch House

EYE Australian Electro Cyber Punk Industrial Goth Rock Heavy Electronic Body Dance Music EDM EBM TBM IDM Aggrotech Elektro Techno Alternative Bands from Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane Adelaide Auckland Wellington Christchurch San Diego Los Angeles Newark New York Artists Groups.jpg

EYE Aussie Australian Industrial Darkwave CyberPunk ElectroRock CyberGoth WitchHouse GlitchHop EBM Dark Heavy Electronic Music Bands from Auckland Adelaide Brisbane Cyron Bay Cairns Canberra Christchurch Gold Coast Sydney Melbourne Newcastle Perth Townsville Wellington Wollongong San Diego Los Angeles Newark New Jersey New York City

eye aussie australian industrial darkwave electro-punk music propaganda machine album

EYE Aussie Australian Industrial Darkwave Cyber-Electro-Punk-Rock music Politics Can Be Fun CD Album-Art-400w

EYE press photo around 2000; filming 'Mandate' video with gas masks & at right a mask of then Prime Minister J Howard.

EYE Australian Electro Industrial Darkwave CyberPunk Electronica Elektro Techno Gothic Witch House Glitch Hop Noise Intelligent Dance Music EBM Electronic Body Music Bands from Aussie Kiwi cities Auckland Adelaide Brisbane Byron Bay Cairns Canberra Christchurch Gold Coast Sydney Melbourne Newcastle Perth Townsville Wellington Wollongong and USA San Diego Los Angeles Newark New Jersey New York City

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