EYE ::: Industrial DarkWave ElectroClash CyberGothic EBM Witch-House Glitch-Hop CyberPunk FuturePop ElectroPunk ElectroRock Electronica Grave Wave

An independent D.I.Y. underground project from Canberra EYE's music has received international radio airplay and very extensive radio play across Australia. This includes being rostered on the daily playlist of the popular national government radio station Triple J (JJJ) - a rare accomplishment for a local industrial act - with numerous songs also on high rotation across the national Community Radio network (non-government, non-commercial). Eye's self-released albums have achieved 'Album of the Week' status on several Australian radio stations (4ZZZ & 2XX); 'zero-budget' videos have been broadcast on national TV stations (ABC & SBS); songs have been released on over 50 compilation CDs worldwide. EYE songs have surpassed 150,000 views on video channels like youtube & dailymotion; posted many years after they were featured on radio.

EYE Songs & Visuals

EYE - Kadoish [x3] Adonais Tseybeyoth (2000)
[DarkWave CyberGoth Electro-Industrial EBM]
Guest vocals by Lady Hannah Cadaver


EYE - (wanna be a) CIA Hypno-Programmed Robot Assassin (2002)
[ElectroClash DarkWave Acid-Witch-House CyberPunk]


EYE - CONFORM! ... OBEY! ... Slogans for Consumer Youth (2001)
[Industrial CyberPunk EBM Electro-Rock]


EYE - A Nice Walk in the Park radio edit (2001)
[ElectroClash Electronica DarkWave IndieTronica]


EYE - The Secret ... of Perspective (1996)
[Gothic Industrial GraveWave Psychedelic-Trip-Hop Acid-Rock]


EYE - Musique is Here to Protekt You! (2003)
[Dark Electronica Industrial Witch-House]


EYE - Workers United (will overcome) (2003)
[Industrial ElectroRock Hip-Hop]


EYE music has explored a range of industrial and gothic genres (like darkwave, cyberpunk, cybergoth, electronic body music (EBM), powernoise, future-pop, IDM, electroclash, digital hardcore, witchhouse, glitch-hop & electropunk & electrorock); occasionally using structures of hip-hop, power-pop-punk and rock.


EYE - Democracy?!? (trilogy) (1998)
[SynthPunk Industrial Digital-Hardcore DHC ElectroRock]


EYE - Mass Media Propaganda Machine (2004)
[Industrial Glitch-Hop Witch-House]


EYE - "Mandate!" (1998)
[ElectroFunkRock Industrial-Hip-Hop Glitch-Hop]
with Australian Prime Minister John Howard & other politicians ... This is the only official effort at a video and was made for about $40; being costume hire. It was screened on 2 national TV music shows.


EYE - One of THOSE days! (2001)
[Witch-House Glitch-Hop downTempo Industrial PowerNoise]


EYE - Psychological Warfare ... is being waged against the public. (1997)
[Witch-House Witch-Step CyberPunk Industrial Breakbeat]



EYE - Nuclear Waste Dumps in Australia? ...
U​.​S. made it, U​.​S. can keep it​!​
[Industrial CyberPunk ElectroRock]


EYE - Just The Way You Are (2003)
[FuturePop indieTronica ElectroClash GlitchPop]


EYE - Never Before!... Have We Been So Contented! (2001)
[Industrial Darkcore Witch-house Glitch-hop PowerNoise.]


EYE live: "Ritualz" [2001]
[Acid Witch House DarkWave ElectroClash Australian Music]


EYE avoided the traditional music industry due to not wanting to be pressured into obligations like touring. EYE’s best known radio songs include: “A Nice Walk in the Park”, “(I wanna be a) CIA Hypno-Programmed Robot Assassin”, “Mandate!”, “Workers United”, “Song for Refugees (Detention Without Trial)” and "Taliban..." The latter two were only released to Australian Community Radio stations and received high rotation prime time slot airplay (breakfast & drive-time shows) for an extended period around 2000-2003. For a while EYE released music and performed live under various side-project names such as “E.L.F.” (Electronic Liberation Front) , “elf”, “DJ Citizen”, "aya", “QT” and at the Sydney Big Day Out music festival as part of "Stoat" (aka. Clan Analogue Canberra). EYE's live 'ELF' performances were usually done dressed in white druid-like robes with hoods down to cover their faces.

EYE - NeuRomancer
[FuturePop EuroTance ElectroClash DarkWave] LIVE in 2002 using "ELF" project name


EYE - In the Name of Progress ... Live Jam (1997)
[DarkWave Industrial-SynthRock]


EYE - Aphazia (oi-ya) (1998)
[WitchHouse DarkWave Industrial IDM-Intelligent Dance Music]
Guest vocals by Lady Hannah Cadaver


EYE - The Invisible Government, a ruling elite, behind: The Party System (1998)
[Terror-EBM CyberPunk Martial-Industrial Hellektro Aggrotech]


EYE - (Politicians are) Puppets! ('98)
[WitchHouse WitchStep GlitchHop Dark Electronica]

EYE - Blind Progress through Blind Faith
(recorded '96; mixed '99)
[CyberPunk EBM Industrial Electro-Rock]


Many other EYE tracks are available via the links below.

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EYE ElectroPunk ElectroRock Industrial-Rock Australian Aussie Grave Wave Music Bands Politics Promo Image

EYE ElectroRock ElectroPunk SynthRock post-Industrial Grave Wave Aussie Australian Bands Music Propaganda Machine Promo Image

EYE DarkWave Electro-Punk Electro-Rock Synth-Punk Grave Wave DancePunk Aussie Australian Music Bands
EYE: ElectroRock DarkWave Industrial ElectroPunk SynthPunk DancePunk WitchHouse GlitchHop GraveWave Australian (Aussie) Music Band.



eye aussie australian industrial darkwave electro-punk music propaganda machine album

Propaganda Machine - Volume 1
Worldwide via Bandcamp

- at Amazon USA
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EYE Aussie Australian Industrial Darkwave Cyber-Electro-Punk-Rock music Politics Can Be Fun CD Album-Art-400w

Politics Can be Fun
Worldwide via Bandcamp



EYE Aussie Australian Industrial Darkwave Cyber-Electro-Punk-Rock CyberGoth WitchHouse EBM Dark Electronica Music Band




EYE Discography
Albums except where otherwise stated as EP (about 20 mins length); most only ever available via Blatant Propaganda & other select mail order services; individual tracks were released internationally on over 50 compilation CDs:

Gratings 1993 (cassette)

Herd Under Social Hypnosis 1995 (cassette)

In the Name of Progress 1997 (cassette)

Aphazia 1998

... A musical journey through the flaws of party-system democracy.
1999. Released online March-2013.

Mayday (EP) 2000

Propaganda is Sexy 2000

Refugees (EP) 2001

Taliban (EP) 2001

Preview 2001 (as E.L.F.)

Live @ XXL 2002 (as E.L.F.)

Workers United (EP) 2003

Oh! So! Contented! (EP) 2003 (as DJ Citizen)

PROPAGANDA MACHINE (Volume 1) 2004 Released online dec-2011.
on Amazon USA
on Amazon UK

Propaganda Machine (volume 2) pending release.









EYE press photo around 2000; filming 'Mandate' video with gas masks & at right a mask of then Prime Minister J Howard.



























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