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Introductory Notes by DJ Robot Citizen: "Originally thinking I might find around 50 projects to feature on this site... the more I searched the more I found! While I initially built 30 Band Profiles I found that was too time-consuming to be able to do for all I find. So here is a work-in-progress list below, in no particular order, of the many other relevant and awesome artists. As of 2013-October I began to place the newest-&-updated additions to the top of this list. Eventually I aim to create more order like an A-Z listing and maybe genre categories... You might also like to see: i) the Interviews section with a focus on emerging artists; and ii) the associated Facebook page where I post news regards site updates, band concerts, tours, nightclubs and music releases... If you would like to submit info, like to have a listing and link placed on this page, see options at this page ..."

i) All links ought open in a new browser tab/window; ii) over time some links will become broken, due to the admins of other websites changing them; out of our control. ;)


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Feature Album


"A.S.I.N.G.E.D. Volume 1" - Australian Synthpop Industrial Noise Gothic Electronica Darkwave

This compilation album is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in CD quality audio on BandCamp. It was originally released on 1000+ CDs; launched with club-band-events in 8 cities of Australia; many of the tracks were played on radio shows across the nation & internationally; some were featured on the popular national Triple J (JJJ) radio station; some were often played in nightclubs.

The album was produced by the Blatant Propaganda record label: www.BlatantPropaganda.org. Here is the album information page and here is the bandcamp page from which you can play all tracks & download the whole collection.

We'll soon post news about the next compilation which is due for release on this site in March 2015. :)

Industrial Gothic EBM Dark-Wave New-Wave Post-Punk Dark Electronic Music Projects in Australia-New-Zealand
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Also coming eventually, more links & descriptive info for these projects:

And Some Others that I have listed to add (as time permits me to!): Process Void - Black Cab - BlixSix - Taipan Tiger Girls - DCO (Deadcast Opera) - Nyteshade - Vodvile - Sirius Brunk - Death With Machines - Deep Sea Lights - Failed Assimilation - Activate Jetpack - Acclimate (+ Samboy Get Help Recordings (NZ label)) - As Angels Bleed - Zombie Ghost Train (who became) Captain Reckless and the Lost Souls - The Wrath - Charles Oblivion / Mute Oblivion / Newtown Research + Development - Vaein - Transitions - Sydonia - RKDA - Karnivool - MM9 (Many Machines on Nine) - Switchkicker - Mz Ann Thropik - Destroy All Noise - The Abyss Collective - Josh Shipton & the Blue Eyed Ravens - Neuropa - Punch Drunk Monkey - Foil - Continuum - Schadenfreude - Vaein - Dedderz - Alan Lamb - Occults - The Damned Humans - Von Krieg - Cyberstruct - Decipher & Shinra - Eschaton Hive - Primitive Calculators - Hypnophile - Naiad - Incision (Letrange) - Death With Machines (NZ) - Mandy Kane - Primary (& Sneaky Sound System) - Compressed Infinity - Needless Cane - Living on Dogfood (documentary) - Horse McGuyver - Clowns Smiling Backwards - the Mavis's - Mandy Kane - Bride of the Atom - Puppetsphere - Strychnine - Jetta Black - Troll (TOAN records) - The Angels (early punky-post-punk years) - Requiem of the Damned - Children's House (NZ) - Control (early 90s EBM) - Dr Kevorkian & the Suicide Machine (NZ) - Voiteck - Winterland (NZ) - the Dance Exponents (NZ), guitarist Chris Sheehan went on to groups like The Starlings & was an early guitarist with Curve & the 00s live touring version of the Sisters of Mercy...

Plus this monster list kindly provided by 'Deejay Miss-K' (aka 'kezbot'): Anita Lane - Bastinados - Beargarden (early) - Bell Jar, The - Bird Blobs - Bit By Bats - Blindside - Bloodloss - Box Of Fish - Buick KBT - Caligula - Corpse Grinders (psychobilly) - Crashland - Crystal Thomas - Curse, The - Dead Things - Denial - Devastations, The - Die Dancing Bears - Dirty Three - Dorian Grey - Dresden War Crimes - Drones, The - Ears, The - Easter - Editions, The - Edwina Preston - Effigy - Ergot Derivative, The - Fabulous Marquises - Feline Touch - Gothic Farmyard/Skippy The Butcher - Grong Grong - Harem Scarem (& solo Christopher and Charlie Marshall) - Harry Howard and the NDE - Honeymoon In Green - Hugo Race (True Spirit) - Jeff Duff - Jupiter - Kill The King - Kim Volkman - Kiss My Poodle's Donkey - Lamia - Laughing Clowns/ Ed Kuepper - Louis Tillet - Lovs E Blur - Luxedo - Magic Dirt - Marching Girls - Mia Stone/Stone Circus/Pizza Sluts/Arm Moodists/Sputniks/Dave Graney and (whatever band) - New Waver - Nick Barker (early) - Night Sky, The - Not Drowning Waving - Olympic Sideburns - Painkillers - People With Chairs Up Their Noses - Permanent Press/ John Lawrence - Plays With Marionettes (pre Wreckery) - Pray TV - Primevils - Prostitutes, The - Riff Random - Ron Rude - Sacred Cowboys (esp. Is Nothing Sacred) - Safehouse (Mick Harvey's brother) - Salamander Jim - Scrap Museum/Blue Ruin - Sea Scouts - Shine, The - Shower Scene From Psycho - Silver Ray - Sir - SixftHick - Skinwalker - Slugfuckers - Something For Kate - Spring Plains (pre Cosmic Psychos) - Standish-Carlyon - Sticky Filth - Sunday Morning - Sunset Strip/Behind The Magnolia Curtain - Taking The Veil - Tex Deadly And The Dum Dums - These Cars Collide - These Future Kings/Polar 1500 - This Digital Ocean - Tombstone Hands - Vanilla Chainsaws - Venom P Stinger/Willsmere/Fungus Brains - Wendy Rule - Wild Dog Rodeo - Young Docteurs - Zorros - Zulu Rattle

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