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This guide was compiled by DJ Robot Citizen commencing in late 2012. This site topped 100,000 "visits" in Nov 2014 and has had 171,062 visits as of Jan 01 2016... good to know others are (re)discovering and enjoying this music too. :-) (Charts of site stats are shown here.)

The scope of music covered on this site includes numerous genres that came out of the post-punk music movement of the late 70s, particularly industrial and goth and the many offshoots and siblings like: goth rock, electro-industrial, new romantic, electronic body music (EBM), darkwave, death-rock, industrial-metal, (darker) new-wave rock, pre-punk '70s glam-rock (being a precursor prime influence), cybergoth, cyberpunk, electro-punk, synth-punk, horror-punk, electro-rock, dark alternative pop/rock, dance-punk, power-noise, witch-house, glitch-hop, drag, dark ambient, coldwave, chill-wave, musique concrete, dark electro, dark electronica, (darker) synthpop, digital hardcore (DHC), techno-punk, elektro, hellectro, aggrotech, breakcore, darkcore, darkstep & so on... artists, bands, groups, projects, producers...

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If you'd like your work to be considered for inclusion on this site please send an inbox message via that FB page or via the contact page on this site. Please note that this site is devoted to artists living in or who are from Australia or New Zealand (ANZ). There are plans to develop a broader international site... time will tell!

This website is meant as a respectful tribute to all these artists/producers; bringing them together like this, as a collation of our cultural heritage, can potentially boost exposure & recognition for all the projects. This page contains a copyright-disclaimer notice - in sum all rights belong of course to the copyright owners/creators. You are encouraged to financially support the artists.

Why did I build this site?... There are several factors that inspired me to put this site together. In short:

Same things explained in a more rambling verbose fashion:

DJ Robot Citizen - a presenter of many hundreds of radio-shows (mostly 2XX 98.3fm Canberra & the nationwide Community Radio network) as well as organiser and DJ at hundreds of nightclub-and-band events featuring these kinds of music.

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