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in Australia & New Zealand (Aotearoa) that focus on the core music genres of dark alternative post-punk, (electro) industrial, gothic rock, post-industrial electronica etc.

DJ Robot Citizen: This list was updated: 2018-June-21. These kinds of lists are soon out-of-date; night clubs come & go. To make this list more useful and meaningful long-term I've sought to list below the clubs that: i) have done more than one event and/or which; ii) appear to occur regularly - like once a week or month or bi-monthly or several times per year.
If you know of a relevant regular ongoing club that I ought list below please get in touch via the FB page (link above). Or if you find that a club is long gone and over please let me know likewise.

The list is in A-Z order for city name.
Some context - particularly for overseas visitors - the most populated cities in Australia are: Sydney (~5 million), Melbourne (~4.6 million), Brisbane (~2.4 million), Perth (~2 million), Adelaide (~1.3 million), Gold Coast (~640K), Greater Newcastle (~500K), Canberra (~400K), Wollongong (~300K), Hobart (~220K) and for Aotearoa (New Zealand): Auckland (~1.5 million), Wellington (~400K), Christchurch (~400K).
Sydney and Melbourne generally have the more regular events with larger attendances. Although scenes split, rise and fall everywhere and sometimes the smaller cities have more regular and/or larger events. Currently these club scenes everywhere - around ANZ & the world - seem to be less frequent compared to the last big resurgence of the late '00s. That's when many cities had more regular events such as once-a-week and even several per week. Nonetheless there are currently many awesome events happening in ANZ!

Links are to the club's facebook pages which ought open in a new window...

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Adelaide (South Australia)

Heartland - hosted by Brick City Bar | Cybermorph | DecaDanse | clubs that seem to be in hibernation: Black Coffee | Synistry | Prosecenium

Brisbane (Queensland)

Faith | Pandemonium | annual event: Bloodlust Ball

Canberra (ACT, Australian Capital Territory)

VAMP | Fire & Ice (kink-fetish)

Hobart (Tasmania)

The Coven

Melbourne (Victoria)

The New Order | Fang | Subterranean Zone | clubs that seem to be in hibernation: HAXAN | Haunt | Sanguine | Dark Ravens | Glamnesia

Newcastle (New South Wales)


Perth (Western Australia)

The Gathering | Club Freak (kink-fetish)

Sydney (New South Wales)

Sanctuary | Elektrocute | The Witching Hour | Incub8 (kink-fetish) | Hellfire (kink-fetish) | Threshold (kink-fetish) | clubs that seem to be in hibernation: Asylum | Corrosion | Til Death Do Us Party

New Zealand

Auckland (North Island)

Dead Sexy | Nocturne Sanctum | Cirque du Sang

Wellington (North Island)

Shadowplay | Noise Drone Repeat - presented by JunkDNA

Christchurch (South Island)

Refer to: Altearoa regards events like 'Cyberlesque'

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