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The Scientists formed in Perth in 1978, later based themselves in Sydney and eventually London. Sometimes referred to as 'Swamp Rock', their music is dark, murky, brooding, often menacing; often credited for inspiring later waves of international grunge (particularly Seattle bands of the 80s & 90s), blues-punk, garage-punk and other forms of darker rock music. Their earliest music however was in the style of up-tempo power-pop; akin perhaps to bands like The Buzzcocks & The Ramones. The Scientists have had several periods of activity: most notably between 1978 to 1987, releasing 7 albums and many singles; with reunion tours in the mid 90s and early 00s onwards including performances at festivals such as All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) in the UK and USA. Their song "We Had Love" was re-popularised when it was used in the 2008 UK gangsta movie RockNRolla. Members have been involved with other notable bands including: Kim Salmon & the Surrealists, the Beasts of Bourbon & The Darling Downs with Ron Peno of Died Pretty

Our fave tracks: Swampland (in this heart...), We Had Love, Solid Gold Hell, When Fate Deals its Mortal Blow, This is My Happy Hour...

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The Blood Red River compilation 1982-1984

The Human Jukebox compilation 1984-1986

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