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Formed in 1983, Sydney. DIED PRETTY's music ranged from their earlier impassioned, tortured, bluesy post-punk goth rock, mixed with sparse, harrowing ballads, through to their latter radio-friendly melancholy dark indie-pop-rock. Three early releases achieved 'Single of the Week' in UK music weekly Melody Maker. In Australia they commenced with three alternative chart No.1 hits in a row. They were popular in alternative scenes in several European countries and even charted there and eventually also in Australia with several later albums in the top 30. Vocalist Ron Peno would sing and dance like a prophetic messiah-madman-like-figure, whipping up a storm; exorcising demons and exercising emotions; summoning us to the cause. At other times he would be tender and passionate. Their best known songs were released in the early '90s - the radio-hits such as "Sweetheart", "Godbless" and "D.C." - a tribute to a departed friend. According to rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, they "unashamedly plundered rock's past to arrive at an original sound that was always passionate, atmospheric and uplifting."

Some of our fave tracks: Winterland, Just Skin, Lost, Desperate Hours, God Bless, Everybody Moves, Mirror Blues, Sweetheart ...

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Some Demos, Live Tracks & Rarities are on BandCamp at: https://diedpretty.bandcamp.com - some of them below.

"Just Skin" Live on radio in Boston USA 1986.

"Lost", demo of the title song from 1988 album.

"For More" from the "Headaround" EP released 1993.

"Stoneage Cinderella", Live on radio in Boston USA 1986.

Extra tracks from the "Harness Up" EP released 1993.

Noises & Other Voices - the post-Died-Pretty project by Brett Myers & Ron Peno, 2007: ethereal neo-psychedelia electronica space rock

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