DJ Robot Citizen - Index of Club & Band Nights.

Robot Citizen has (co-)organised and/or DJ'd at over 400 Club & Band Events and hosted 100s of Alternative Music Radio Shows.

This page lists dates and some of the promo images for many of the club and band nights.

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LINK: 2017 - Alternative Music Club & Band Nights

2017 June 10 - VAMP Alternative Music Club Night

Vamp Club Night Nightclub Shows Parties Events Canberra City Australia
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2017 April 15 - Club VAMP's 10th Anniversary

Vamp Nightclub Canberra City Australia 10th Birthday Anniversary Club Night Event
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2017 March 03 - Enlighten Festival at the Royal Australian Mint.

Industrial Illumination Enlighten Festival 2017 Canberra City Australia
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2017 February 18 - Club VAMP Canberra Alternative Music Nightclub

Canberra Capital City Australia Nightlife Parties VAMP Nightclub Lobrow Bar Civic 2017 Indie Industrial Goth Scene Club Nightclub Canberran Gothic Goths Top Best DJs Datacipher Lady K Robot J. Citizen Low Brow Gallery Bar 2010s 10s
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2017 February 10 - "Alice In Wonderland" Burlesque & Cabaret Event

Jazida's Alice In Wonderland Burlesque & Cabaret Event Polit Bar ACT Canberra February Summer 2017
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2017 January 21 - Club VAMP Canberra Alternative Music Club Night

Australian Capital City Canberra VAMP Nightclub Lobrow Bar Gallery 2017 Alternative Indie Gothic Industrial Goth Scenes Clubs Nightclubs Civic Canberran Goths ACT Australia Top Best DJs Brad Altercate Lady K Robot J. Citizen Low Brow Gallery Bar 2010s
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History Canberran Nightclubs VAMP Lobrow Low Brow Gallery Bar 2017 2010s Dark Electro Indie Gothic Synth Pop Goth Industrial Scene Club Nightclub Civic Canberra ACT Australian Capital City Territory Goths DJs Lady K Brad Altercate Robot J. Citizen Low Brow Gallery Bar 2010s
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2017 January 14 - The Raven's Ball - Sydney Gothic Club Night

The Raven's Ball Sydney 2017 Australia Australian Gothic Goth Scene Dark Alternative Post Punk Darkwave Music Clubs Nights Nightclubs Club Night Bands Ikon of Melbourne Sounds Like Winter Death Church Josh Shipton Blue Eyed Ravens Flyers Flyers

A night of Darkwave Post-Punk Dark Alternative Gothic Rock with 4 Live Bands: IKON, Sounds Like Winter, Death Church, The Blue Eyed Ravens; and numerous DJs including: Robot Citizen, S.H.E., Lobotomy, Xerstorkitte, Action Ant, Miss Kate, Cernunnos, Morbid Florist ...

- - -

In Reverse Chronological Order ...

LINK: 2016 - Club Nights with Live Bands and Alternative Music DJs

2016 November 11 "VAMP" Featuring live shows by 1: Amelia Arsenic (formerly known as 'destroyx', from Angelspit) and 2: SNUFF - plus DJs Robot Citizen and Lady K.

Australia's Canberra's Sydney's Melbourne's Top Best Australian Gothic Industrial Indie Dark Alternative Nightclub Club Nights DJs Parties Events Cyber Goth Rivethead Clubs Goths Punks Rivetheads Emos Subcultures Youth Scenes Clothing Fashion Stores
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2016 October 01 "VAMP" with DJs Robot Citizen, Mircalla & Altercate

Canberran Australian Gothic Night Clubs History Goths Punks Rivetheads Indie Hipster Alternative Industrial Goth Top Best Subculture Scenes Clothing Fashion Stores Post Punk Music VAMP Nightclub Canberra Sydney DJ Robot Citizen Mircalla LoBrow Bar Australian Capital Territory ACT
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2016 September 03 - Sydney: "End of The Winter Ball"
Presented by 2 clubs - Asylum and No Rest for the Wicked - featuring 14 alternative music DJs (including Robot Citizen) plus 2 bands (Sounds Like Winter and Skull and Dagger) plus burlesque and other performances.

Sydney Australian Gothic Dark Alternative Nightclubs Goth Industrial Indie Scene Clubs History Punks Rivetheads Indie Hipster Alternative Industrial Goths Subculture Scenes Top Best Clothing Fashion Stores Post Punk Music DJ Robot Citizen NSW Australia
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2016 May 07 "VAMP" 9th Anniversary event @ Transit Bar featuring live band "[SNUFF]" with DJs Robot Citizen, Tormentor, Mircalla & Black Temple.

Canberra Australia Nightclubs Subculture History Goths Punks Rivetheads Indie Hipster Gothic Scene Dark Alternative Industrial Goth Rock Post Punk Music VAMP Night Club Sydney Band SNUFF [SNUFF] DJ Robot Citizen Mircalla Black Temple Transit Bar ACT Australian Capital Territory Social Groups

2016 February 27 "VAMP" @ Transit Bar featuring live band "Sounds Like Winter" with DJ Robot Citizen, Mircalla & Action Ant.

Canberra History Night Club VAMP DJs Photos Dark Alternative Indie Pop Goth Rock Industrial Electronic Post Punk Gothic Music SubCultures People Sydney DJ Robot Citizen Mircalla Action Ant Sounds Like Winter Band Transit Bar ACT Australia Social Groups Flyers

2016 February 13 "Bowie Ball" @ Ainslie Arts Centre; featuring DJ Robot Citizen plus live music (Tim Hansen, Alice Cottee, No Hausfrau), spoken word (Hannah McCann, Duncan Driver) and drag performance (Venus Mantrap).

The Bowie Ball Art Performance Event 2016 Ainslie Arts Centre Center Canberra ACT Australia DJ Robot Citizen Live Alternative Music Alice Cottee No Hausfrau glam drag Venus Mantrap Tim Hansen speech Hannah McCann Duncan Driver Social Night

2016 January 23 "Bowie Tribute Night" @ Transit Bar with DJ Robot Citizen, Evil Chris & Krusty Toast.

Canberra Transit Bar Nightlife Clubbing Scene History People Photos David Bowie Tribute Event 2016 Civic Nightclubs Pubs ACT Australia Best Canberran Alternative Music Dance Party Club DJs Robot J. Citizen Evil Chris Krusty Toast Indie Goth Hipsters Scenes 7 Akuna St

LINK: 2015 - Nightclub Events with Alternative Music DJs and Live Bands

2015 December 31 "New Year's Eve RETRO Request" @ The RUC, Canberra.

Canberra Nightclubs Party Music Night Clubbing Photos Events RETRO NYE 2015 Best Alt Scene DJs mixing Top 40 90s 80s 70s 60s Hits Songs Disco Dance Pop Glam Rock DJ Robot J Citizen Black Temple New Year's Eve Parties Clubs Civic ACT Australia Pix Pics Flyer Poster
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2015 October 31 "Halloween RETRO Invasion" with live band "Back to the Eighties" @ The RUC.

Canberra Australia Nightlife Club Nights Clubbing Photos Flyers History RETRO Classics Best Top 40 Party Music DJs 90s 80s 70s 60s Hit Songs Halloween Zombie Walk Dance Event DJ Robot Citizen Canberran Musicians ACT Australian Capital Territory Posters Pix Pics

2015 July 17 "Asylum" @ The Q-Bar Sydney.

Sydney Australia Gothic Industrial Night Club Scene History Photos People Alternative Music Nightclubs Subcultures Fashion Show Scenes ASYLUM Flyer Poster Q-Bar Oxford St Venue 2015 Winter July Canberra Melbourne DJs DJ Robot Citizen Montag Xerstorkitte Bat Selkie Daze

2015 June 20 "No Rest for the Wicked" Sydney.

Gothic Sub Culture Scene Sydney NSW Australia Nightclubs Industrial Scene Nightlife Party Events Photos Pictures Pics Flyers History No Rest for the Wicked Club Nights 2015 The Valve Canberra Melbourne DJ Robot Citizen DJs SHE S.H.E. Xerstorkitte Cernunnos

2015 April 18 "VAMP" featuring band "The Dark Shadows" @ Magpies City Club, Canberra.

Canberra Sydney Goths in Australia Dark Alternative Music Night Clubs Photos Gothic Post Punk Darkwave Flyers Club VAMP Post Punk The Dark Shadows Band Live Concert Performance Gig Event DJs Robot Citizen Dunkleschatten Black Temple Fashion Scene Clothes Shops

2015 March 21 "VAMP" featuring 2 bands "Kollaps" and "Sounds Like Winter" @ Magpies City Club, Canberra.

Goths in Canberra's Gothic Scene Australian Rivethead Subcultures Night Clubs Nightlife Photos VAMP Alternative Party Music Club History Melbourne Sydney Bands Kollaps Sounds Like Winter Dark Heavy No Wave Noise Post Punk Top Best DJs Robot Citizen Black Temple
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2015 February 28 "RETRO Request" @ Magpies City Club, Canberra.

Canberra's Best RETRO Nightclub 80s 70s 90s 00s Party Scene Music Events Australian Night Clubs Nightlife Photos Pubs Bar Club Events Top 40 Hits Disco Funk Electro Synth Pop Rock Songs Festival DJs Robot Citizen Black Temple Magpies Underground City Club 2015
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2015 January 21 "RETRO Request" @ Magpies City Club, Canberra.

Canberra ACT Nightclubs Nightlife Photos Australia Festival RETRO Top40 Disco Pop Rock Party Music DJs Night Club Events 80s 70s 90s 00s New Old Best DJs Robot Citizen Black Temple Canberran Clubbing Scene History People Magpies City Underground Club 2015
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2014 December 20 "Rock the Night Away" a night of classic, heavy & glam rock @ Magpies City Club. DJs Black Temple, Grant Robertson and Robot Citizen.

2014 November 22 "VAMP" - a fundraiser event for the "S.I.N.G.E.D." alternative music radio show on Community Radio 2XX 98.3 FM - featuring live acts "Orbis Tertius" and "Second Sun" plus DJs Robot Citizen, Nat, deaDJoke, Mircalla and Action Ant.

Canberra Australian Community Radio Station 2XX 98.3 FM Live Bands Concert Show Orbis Tertius Second Sun DJs Robot Citizen Nat Reuben Ingall deaDJoke Carly Mircalla Action Ant Banister dark alternative gothic industrial goth radioshow S.I.N.G.E.D. SINGED
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2014 September 26 "VAMP" with David Bowie special with DJs Robot Citizen, Mircalla, Black Temple, Jay A & Fahrenheit.

Canberra Nightclubs Nightlife Civic Photos Canberran Clubbing Scene History People Club VAMP 2014 Top Best Looking Party Music DJs in Australia Robot Citizen Black Temple Mircalla David Bowie Tribute Night Magpies Underground City Club 2014 Goth Rock Subculture Flyers
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2014 August 23 "VAMP" featuring band "The Dark Shadows" with DJs Robot Citizen, Xerstorkitte (Sydney), DunkleSchatten (Brigitte Handley of Sydney/Germany) & Black Temple.

The Dark Shadows Sydney Band Live in Concert Gig Performance Canberra Australian Goths Scene Dark Alternative Post Punk Goth Rock New Wave Music Night Club VAMP Post Punk DJs Robot J. Citizen Brigitte Handley Dunkleschatten Gothic Clothes Shops Darkwave Xerstorkitte Artists
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2014 July 26 "VAMP" featuring live acts "AR12" & "Marc David Myles Robertson" with DJs Robot Citizen, Black Temple & Requiem.

Sydney Band AR12 Live in Concert Gig Performance Canberra Musician Marc David Myles Robertson Australian Darkwave Hellektro Hellectro Electro Elektro Industrial CyberGoth Cyberpunk Aggrotech Music Scene Clubs VAMP Night Club Nights DJs Robot J. Citizen DJ Requiem Black Temple Magpies City Club Civic
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2014 June 27 "VAMP" Soviet Winter theme with DJs Robot Citizen, Black Temple & Mircalla.

Indie Alt Goth Industrial Scene Night Clubs in Canberra ACT Australia Club VAMP Post Punk Cyber Goths Rivetheads Punks Hipsters Subcultures Fashion Clothes Shops History DJs Robot Citizen Mircalla Black Temple Magpies City Underground Club Bunda St 2014 2010s
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2014 May 23 "VAMP" Party Monster theme with DJs Robot Citizen, Black Temple, Lily Dubois & Fahrenheit.

Club VAMP Party Monster Canberra DJs Night Clubs Events Nightclub History Photos Dark Electronic Dance EDM Alternative Goth Subculture Scenes People Ravers Cyber Goths Punks Emos Industrial Gothic DJ Robot Citizen Black Temple 2014 Magpies Pictures Flyers Posters
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2014 April 17 "VAMP" (7th Birthday) Easter theme with DJs Robot Citizen, Xerstorkitte (Sydney), Evil Chris & Black Temple.

Night Club DJs Canberra Sydney Melbourne Australia Nightclubs Events for Dark Alternative People Goths Rivetheads Punks Emos CyberGoths Industrial Goth Gothic Music Scenes VAMP DJ Robot Citizen Xerstorkitte 2014 Posters Flyers Photo Pic
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2014 March 29 "VAMP" featuring a live performance by Sydney electro-industrial band Shiv-R @ Magpies City Club.

2014 January 26 "VAMP" @ Magpies City Club.


2013 December 21 "VAMP" featuring band "Second Sun" @ Magpies City Club.

2013 November 29 "ALT" featuring live acts "Orbis Tertius" & "Cris Clucas" @ Magpies City Club.

2013 November 15 "RETRO Request" @ Magpies City Club.

2013 November 2 Halloween "Zombie Invasion" @ City Hellenic Club with live bands @ The Phoenix.

Zombie Walk Canberra Australia 2013 Halloween 2010s DJs Night Clubs Pub Gothic Goths Party Scene People Events Zombies Dress Up Indie Punk Goth Grunge Alt Rock Bands DJ Robot J. Citizen Black Temple Datacipher Evil Chris Phoenix Hellenic Flyers Posters Photo Pictures Images Pix Pics
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2013 June 21 "Dark Star Fire" also featuring several bands (Orbis Tertius, Reign of Terror, Lazy Harry's) & live performances (by Madame M. Gorillabrant, The Deepest Darkest Secret) at the Ivy Cafe in Old Canberra House.

Dark Star Fire Centenary Edge Fundraiser event Blood & Mortar Winter Solstice Music Celebration Ivy Cafe Acton Canberra ACT Australia Music Club DJ Robot Citizen Lingerie Panic Bands Orbis Tertius Reign of Terror Lazy Harry's Madam M Gorillabrant Flyers Posters Photo Pictures Images Pix Pics
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Several hundred events in earlier years include:


While I had (again temporarily) retired from club-DJing at the end of 2009 I assisted an old friend with these events in 2010:

2010-July-04 Sydney: "Worn Wild: The Alternative Designers Market". I assisted with transporting, setting up and packing down the market props and decorations and also DJ'd for part of the night including during the fashion show. Venue: The Gaff Hotel, Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

2010-June-05 Melbourne: "Blut Royale" a fashion show for the Geomythik fashion label. I helped with transporting, setting up and packing down the large stage props and decorations and also DJ'd for part of the night including during the fashion show. Venue: Mercat X Hotel, Queen St Melbourne, adjacent to the Victoria markets.

Australian Sydney Melbourne Gothic Industrial Cyber Goth Alternative Scene Worn Wild GeoMythik Fashion Label Designers Labels Fashions events markets market shop shops store stores show shows 2010s Australia Brands Flyers Posters Photo Pictures Images Pix Pics
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In addition to around a dozen VAMP DJ events in Canberra (see notes below) I also did these dates in other cities:

2009-Dec-31 Perth (Western Australia) New Year's Eve: I DJ'd in the 2 rooms at "Club SIN" - a club for goths, industrial "rivetheads", new romantics, (post-)punks and fans of related alternative music genres. Around 200-300 people attended. It was one of my favourite gigs ever - one of the best scenes I've come across with great music knowledge and taste in what is known as being the world's most isolated city! I am eternally grateful to Nathan Sin for inviting me along and for the air fare. Venue: Gilkisons Dance Studio, Murray St, Perth.

Perth Goths WA Australia SIN Club Nights DJs Gothic Scene History Photos Nightclub Dark Electro Industrial Goth Clubs Flyers Pix Rivetheads Punks Ravers Scenes Subculture People Fashion Clothes Shops DJ Robot Citizen NYE New Years Eve Event 2009 Pics

2009-Jan-30 Friday: DJ set in Melbourne at "Enzyme 8"; Venue: Blue Velvet, Collingwood, Victoria.

2009-Jan-31 Saturday: DJ set in Melbourne at event titled "Geisha". Venue: Vedette, Footscray, Victoria.

2009-Feb-01 Sunday: DJ set in Melbourne at a fetish night. Venue: Club Vedette, Footscray, Victoria.

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Melbourne Australia Night Club DJs Dark Electro Industrial Goth Clubs Techno Punks Goths Noise Ambient Dance Gothic Scene History People Fashion Bands Nights Blue Velvet Enzyme 8 DEMUS DJ Robot Citizen Vedette Nightclub Footscray Victoria Dawn Industry Geisha Event 2009


Between early 2007 and the end of 2009 I organised and DJ'd around 80-90 club nights in Canberra. The most frequent events were VAMP and RETRO Request:

~ "VAMP" for dark alternative music genres like industrial, alt rock, goth, indietronica, emo, post-punk, new wave, nu metal, electro pop, electronic rock, dance punk and related genres. There were around 30 VAMP events in that 3-year "season". It commenced in April 2007 at the BAR 32 venue. It was initially once-a-month on Thursdays, during early-mid 2007. Due to popularity it went to being twice-per-month towards the end of 2007 and continued like that until mid-2008 with, each month, an event on a Saturday night alternated fortnightly with a Thursday. The peak event was Easter Thursday 2008 which attracted a crowd of around 350 people. VAMP left Bar 32 in mid-2008 and ran through 'til the end of 2009 at 3 other venues: Holy Grail in mid-2008; Kremlin Bar from November 2008 to August 2009; The Monkey Bar for October-November 2009.

Along with DJ Robot Citizen the guest DJs at VAMP during 2007-2009 included: Evil Chris, The Modern Rage (Emma), Terrorgore (Bridget), DeadKitty / Lingerie Panic (Patricia), Morgan Mortician, F.O.A.D. (Michael), Stealth Elf (Callan), Salem (Chris), MetaVirus (Shayne), Jay, Nick Simons & Ant Storm.

Canberran Australian Goths Goth Fashion Scene Best Top Alternative Night Clubs Canberra Australia History Dark Post Punk Electro Industrial Indie Music Emo Club Chrome Lithium Rev Toast Heaven Sydney DJs DJ Robot J Citizen Bar 32 2000s 00s 2007 Northbourne Civic Darkwave ACT Queanbeyan
[ Flyer for the first 'VAMP'. Click to open a larger image in another window ]

2008-07-21: One of the highlights of VAMP during this time was the concert I organised for the renowned Melbourne-based band SNOG (electro-industrial dark electronica) along with support group Sobriquet (darkwave-electronica). I hosted this concert at the Civic Holy Grail venue (where I had run numerous RETRO events during 2003-2004). I also included the DJs from the Chrome club night (who were then Salem, MetaVirus, Stealth Elf) and regular VAMP guest DJ Evil Chris. The night was a great success attendance-wise.

Canberran Night Club Live Music Band Nights SNOG Sobriquet Melbourne Victorian Bands David Thrussel Black Lung VAMP Chrome DJs Australian Electro Industrial Electronica Canberra Goths Gothic Holy Grail Scene Alternative Clubs Australia DJ Robot History
[ Flyer for 'VAMP'. Click to open a larger image in another window ]

I paused VAMP at the end of 2009 and revived it at the end of 2013 - see notes above. VAMP was, for me, a continuation of the clubs I ran &/or DJ'd at under numerous club names and at several venues between 1992 and 2000 - most particularly "NEXUS" at Heaven nightclub - see notes further below.

~ "RETRO Request" was the first event I ran at Bar 32. The music scope was for Top 40 hits and party anthems from the '70s, '80s, '90s and early '00s - pop, rock, disco/dance hits. The event occurred on every Saturday for 7 months from February 2007; around 30 events overall.
For me it was a continuation of the Retro music night clubs I ran during previous years at venues like the Civic Holy Grail & Heaven - see notes further below.
As with those earlier events the 2007 season of events at Bar 32 were a great success; soon attracted a regular following; a diverse group of people ranging from age 18 through their 40s. As the months went on there was increasing demand for alternative genre classics. Although my Retro night was very popular and was often a full house until the morning hours - even during the Winter months when other venues closed early - the event ended when a much larger venue nearby started with an identical theme. Bar 32 decided to pursue some other ideas for Saturday nights. Those included my events "CRUNCH", "VAMP", "HEAVY" and "ALT" - see notes above & below.

Canberra Australia Nightclub DJs Flyer History RETRO Best Party Scene Club Nights 70s 80s 90s 00s Top 40 Hits Songs Disco Funk Soul Aussie Hard Pub Rock Pop Bar32 2007 DJ Robot Citizen Canberran Australian Clubs 32 Northbourne Civic Dance Rev Posters
[ Flyer for 'RETRO'. Click to open a larger a higher-res image in another window ]

I also ran shorter seasons of these events at Bar 32:

~ "CRUNCH" for some varieties of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) like: Electro, Glitch, PsyTrance, Drum N Bass (DnB), Hard House, Nu-Rave, Nu-Disco, Dance-Punk & Intelligent Dance Music (IDM); 4 Saturday night events during early 2008. Along with DJ Robot Citizen guest DJs at Crunch included: Walski (Chris Wallis), Evil Chris & MetaVirus.

Australian Nightclubs Electro PsyTrance Hard House Trance Drum N Bass DnB D'n'B NuRave NuDisco New Nu Rave Disco Electronic Dance Punk Music EDM IDM Club Crunch Civic Canberra ACT Night Clubs Nights DJs Bar 32 Bar32 Australia DJ Robot Citizen
[ Flyer for 'CRUNCH'. Click to open a larger image in another window ]

~ "POPCORN" for cheesey top 40 pop hits, past and present; several events were held during early 2008.

~ "HEAVY" for hard (punk) rock and metal; 8 or so events during mid-2008; mostly on Thursdays with one on a Saturday night. As well as DJ Robot Citizen regular guest DJs included F.O.A.D. (Michael) and Evil Chris.

Canberran Australian Dark Heavy Metal Hard Core Punk Alternative Rock Music Scene Bands Band Night Clubs Club Nights Nightclub DJs Events Bar 32 Bar32 Northbourne Ave Civic Canberra City Australia DJ Robot Citizen Flyer Poster History 2000s 00s
[ Flyer for 'HEAVY'. Click to open a larger image in another window ]

~ "ALT" for general alternative indie & electro pop, punk & rock; around 6 Saturday events during May, June, July and August 2008. The ALT nights at Bar 32 were very successful. In particular I really enjoyed DJing the entire 6 hour nights. However, because of the events great success it was undermined by someone else who sought to claim all the profits off of my hard work. They made things unpleasant, split the scene and so I moved my efforts to other projects.

Australian Canberran Club Night DJs promoters events for Alternative Alt Indie Pop Dance Punk Rock JJJ Music Scene Nights Clubs Scenes Bands 2000s 00s Bar32 Bar 32 Civic Canberra City Australia DJ Robot Citizen Flyers Posters Lithium Rev Nightclubs Top Best
[ Flyer for 'ALT'. Click to open a larger image in another window ]

I relocated VAMP & ALT to the Holy Grail Civic (friendly management) but it felt too large for a smaller Winter crowd. I moved VAMP to the cosier Kremlin Bar. It lasted there for around 10 (once-a-month) dates from late 2008 through to late 2009. I then moved VAMP to The Monkey Bar for 2 dates in late 2009. The management there were great to deal with. However, I had to mourn several deaths, I lost interest in running events and so I retired ... explored living in other cities and nations for several years... until recommencing with Canberra events in 2013.

History Australian Canberran Alternative Indie Pop Rock Grunge Goths Emos Teens Cool Goth Fashion People Best Top Gothic Club VAMP Nights Night Clubs Scene Scenes Monkey Bar Nightclub Dark Industrial Indie Music Emo Metal Lithium Rev Bunda St Civic Canberra City ACT Queanbeyan Australia DJs DJ Robot J Citizen Bar 32 2000s 00s 2009 Darkwave
[ Flyer for the last 'VAMP' in 2009, recommenced 2013. Image links to a larger version. ]

During 2007-2008 I Guest-DJ'd at several other events. These include:

2008-June-13 Friday 13th "International Zombie Awareness Day" (IZAD) - a multi-band and DJ event at the ANU Bar & Refectory (Canberra, Australia); organised by Bryn Cummins; featuring 3 bands (Mz Ann Thropik, Mo Van Wah, FrankenPop) & 4 DJs (MetaVirus, The Modern Rage, Dead DJ Joke & Robot Citizen).

ANU Bar Canberra Australia 2008 Zombie Awareness Day IZAD Bryn Cummins Live Alternative Music Bands Mz Ann Thropik Mo Van Wah FrankenPop DJs Shayne MetaVirus Emma The Modern Rage Reuben Ingall Dead DJ Joke Gothic Industrial Club Scene 2000s 00s
[ The image links to a larger version in a new window ]

2008-June-07 "Chrome" at the Holy Grail Civic venue.

Club Chrome Holy Grail Civic Bunda St Glebe Park Canberra City Nightclub Australia Canberran Australian DJ Robot Citizen Posters Flyers Photos People
[ image links to a larger copy in a new window ]

2007-July-27 at "Chrome" at the Toast venue.

For almost 18 months during 2007-2008 I organised and/or DJ'd at 3-to-6 club nights per month. Around half of the events were on Saturday nights and the others were on Thursday nights.


Although I felt I had "retired" in 2000 from running regular clubs and also from DJing I was involved with (co-)organising and performing music (either on instruments or DJing) at several dozen club and live music dates during those years. These included:

A) 2003-2004: Organising and DJ'ing/VJ'ing around 15 once-a-month weekend dates for the club "RETRO Request" held at the Holy Grail Civic venue. It was a continuation of the "RETRO" club that I hosted and DJ'd at for several years at the Heaven venue circa '97-'00. The HGC venue had a large video screen (around 5mX5m) and a computer system with thousands of song videos on it. Hence most songs were accompanied with a video - hence "VJing" meaning video jockeying. ;-) There are more notes on this event further below.

B) A major focus during this time was doing live electronica gigs for the "ELF" or "E.L.F." project; a name for the dancier instrumental electronic music made by EYE. Details for many events are lost-in-time however we have details for these:

Click to open a larger image in another window

Canberran Australian Live Electronic Dance Music Electronica Bands Record Label DJs DJ Musicians Canberra Australia Nightclub Night Club Rave Parties Events Gigs Producers Artists Community Radio Stations 2XX 98.3fm Sound Artists EDM IDM Acid House Groups Projects

Unfortunately just as ELF were achieving significant national radio airplay (eg. on radio station Triple J aka. JJJ) and being sent offers for more interstate gigs I suffered a serious injury which caused great financial stress and so I had to put the ELF project on "ice"; and never really picked it up again.

Triple J JJJ Radio Station Australia Program Playlists ELF the E.L.F. EYE Best Early Top Australian Electronica Dark Electronic Industrial Dance EDM IDM Music Songs Hits Bands Producer 2000s 1990s DJ Robot Citizen Melbourne Sydney Canberra Brisbane Perth Adelaide
[ link opens a larger image in another window ]

C) While working as the Promotions Manager and later as the Station Manager at Community Radio 2XX 98.3fm I was involved in (co-)organising numerous benefit fundraising events which included:

Canberran Australian Community Radio 2XX 98.3 FM 2XXFM ELF the E.L.F. Band Group Dark Live Alternative Electronica Industrial Gothic Electronic Dance Music Scene Sound Artists Bands Producers Mixers DJs Musicians Record Label Canberra Australia DJ Robot Citizen Night Club Party Rave Gig Nightclub Benefit Concert Event History Poster Flyer Photo
[ link opens a larger image in another window ]

2001-November-24: I guest-DJ'd as "Citizen" at a club called "Corrosion" at the Rockape venue in Dickson, ACT. It was part of a night that featured a live performance by the Melbourne Band Tankt.

Some time in 2001 I DJ'd at a one-off event for heavy electronic dance music (re: "electro industrial dance" or "power noise", later called things like "aggrotech", "hellectro" or "cybergoth") at a venue in Belconnen that was later known as "The Basement". I can't recall who organised it.


DJ'd around a dozen times for the first year of the monthly gothic industrial music club "Narcissus" which was held at The Gypsy Bar in Canberra city. I retired from it as I was too busy working and running other events. That club went on and off for a few more years at several venues; was handed from one person to another to co-ordinate.


I (co-)organised and DJ'd around 150 nights (usually twice per month) at the Heaven Nightclub (Garema Place Civic). The longest-running events I ran there that kept the same club name were:

Click to open a larger image in another window

Heaven Nightclub Canberra ACT Australia DJs Indie Kids Hipsters Goths Rivetheads Ravers Party Scene History DJ Robot J Citizen Club NEXUS Alternative Music Clubs Gothic Britpop Electronica Industrial Goth Dance Club Punk Rock Flyers Pics Posters Power Pop Retro 1990s 90s

I also DJ'd at (and played less of the admin roles) at these regular club nights:

Click to open a larger image in another window

DJ Robot J Citizen Club DJs Heaven Nightclub Civic Australian Gothic Canberra City ACT Goths Goth Fashion Scene Alternative Darkwave EBM 80s Dance Music Night Club Oblivion Electro Industrial EBM Ravers Dance 1990s 90s 00s History Posters Flyers Photos

Australian Gothic Industrial DJ Robot J. Citizen Canberra Night Club DJs Photos Flyers Posters Pics Music History Aussie Goths Rivetheads Darkwave Goth EBM Scene Clubs Sydney Melbourne Jo Cramer FuturePop Millenium Heaven Nightclub Bar Events 90s

DJ Robot J Citizen Heaven Night Club Canberra History Millenium DJs Aussie Goths Rivetheads Gothic Darkwave Electro Industrial Scene Australia Alternative Music Scene Sydney Melbourne Clubs Future Pop Goth Rock EBM Rave Dance Party Flyer Poster Pics 1990s 90s 00s

Also during 1994-1997 ...

Click to open a larger image in another window

Canberra City Goths Scene Club History Gothic Club DJs Oblivion Heaven Nightclub DJ Robot J Citizen Jo Cramer Emma Tina Valentina Heaven Canberran Nightclub Civic Alternative Goth Darkwave Industrial Music Dance 80s 1990s 90s Poster Flyer

Click to open a larger image in another window

90s 00s Canberra Best Australian Night Club Party Scene DJs Heaven nightclub ACT History Hipsters Goths Indie Kids Emos Mods Ravers Punks Rivetheads Alternative Music Gothic Britpop Goth Industrial Electronica Clubs DJ Robot J Citizen NEXUS Flyers Pics Posters

I recall I "retired" from the regular club DJing in mid-late 2000. It was due to having a more demanding job that meant I could no longer afford the time and lack of sleep. That's why my 6-years of DJing at Heaven nightclub ended. I recall that the Heaven venue closed during 2001.

1996-January: Sydney BIG DAY OUT - I performed synthesizers and percussion as part of a one-off electronica group called "STOAT" aka "CLANBERRA" which was the headlining sunset act on the outdoor Clan Analogue stage.

Click to open a larger image in another window

DJ Robot Citizen Clan Analogue Canberra Sydney Big Day Out 1996 STOAT Clanberra Electronica Indietronica Electronic Dance Acid Stoner House Music Bands Groups Artists DJs Acts Producers Projects Scene

1996 or 1997: I performed live electronica music at the Canberra Art School Ball.

Sometime during 1996 I also DJ'd several times at a club event for alternative music that was held at The Terminus Bar, in Civic, Canberra. The club only ran a few times and I can't recall the name of it; only that it was co-ordinated by the initial editor of BMA magazine, Lisa H.

1994-August-06: Performed original live electronic industrial rock music at the "Indyfest" event which was held at the ANU Refectory. My project was billed as "Aphazia"; as part of the Clan Analogue section. The after party was held at The Asylum Civic venue as part of the "Smile" club event where I performed live percussion for "Dark Network" (a "stoner acid" analogue-synths electronica project).

Clan Analogue Canberra Dance Music Scene 1990s Indyfest 1994 Club Smile The Asylum 1990s DJs Archie Ken Cloud Zeitgeist Dino Tod Mystik Lesa Live Artists Area 51 Aphazia Dark Network Infusion/Oceania Nanotech Soylent Green Jon Wicks Mush-E ANU Bar Refectory gig concert

1994 around November: I performed live electro industrial music at the "Yakfest" event held at the ANU refectory; as part of the Clan Analogue section.

1994 mid-year: I composed and performed twice the live soundtrack for the "D.I.G.I.T. Theatre" experimental production of "3DTV" at Gorman House Arts Centre.
1995 March: I composed part of the score and performed (DJ'd) the whole soundtrack for the Pure Theatre production of "The Second Scream" at the Street Theatre; directed I recall by David Branson & Patrick Troy.
Both of those theatre outfits were side-projects by the core people who were involved with the larger Splinters Theatre company. Splinters put on numerous large and spectacular experimental theatre events from the late '80s through to the early '00s.

1995 mid-year: I played live synths as part of a one-off band to back the performance of a touring Croatian poet at the Deakin Croatian Club. I also DJ'd the after party at Gorman House Arts Centre.


DJ'd dozens of times at several monthly (ongoing) alternative music night clubs that were held at The Asylum venue (in Civic). The event names included "Cactoblastis", "Fudge" & "Boiinngg!!" ... These covered styles of alternative music such as: indie rock, gothic, electro pop, industrial (rock & metal), electronica, EBM, shoegazer, post punk, new wave and cyberpunk. DJs: Robot (J Citizen) and Nic Toupee and sometimes Alex, Bluehawken Mel, Ben and/or Carly.


DJ'd about a dozen times at The Base nightclub (Manuka) - our weekly event name was "Cactoblastis". It covered a wide range of alternative music genres with a focus on electro, industrial, electronica, goth, techno, EBM, shoegazer, acid house, post punk, new wave and cyberpunk. DJs: Robot (J Citizen), Bluehawken Mel and Carly. Cactoblastis evolved out of "Mudclub" (see notes below). Thank-you to Ken Jensen of The Base for giving us the opportunity to continue DJing after Mudclub ceased. Sadly The Base club closed in later 1993.

Mid year (Winter) I DJ'd at the "Mentasm" big 2-room Rave dance party event held at the (old) Griffin centre building (which was demolished around 2005). That event was organised by a fellow called Chris Fraser otherwise known as DJ Fresh.

Mentasm early Canberra Rave Raves Dance Party Music Scene 1990s Griffin Centre DJs Mel Robbie Chris Fresh Ken Cloud Jensen Mystik Mush E Ming D Left Right Centre Club Cactoblastis Club Raw Smile The Base

I also DJ'd at the ANU Bar & Refectory as part of "Indyfest" or "Yakfest" (can't recall the name) which was a large multi-band rock concert event.


DJ'd around 6 times at "Mudclub" - a great and eclectic club featuring live bands, (controversial) performance art, spoken word, art displays and DJs - which occurred initially at The Zone nightclub (Braddon, A.C.T.) and then at The Base (Manuka, A.C.T.). Music I DJ'd included post punk, new wave, industrial, electronica, goth, cyberpunk, techno, EBM, acid house... DJs: Robot, Bluehawken Mel and Clint Hurrell (who organised it).

I extend a BIG "Thank-You" to Mel and Clint who talked me in to and giving me the opportunity to DJ when I previously had never had any thought nor intention of ever doing it!

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