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DJ Robot has DJ'd at around 400 Alternative Music Club Nights and presented around 500 Alternative Music Radio Station Shows.

This page contains radio show playlists for 2010.

Radio Program Name: "S.I.N.G.E.D."

The title refer to the music genres like: Synth-Wave/Punk/Pop/Rock. (electro) Industrial (rock) . (power) Noise . Gothic / Goth Rock . dark Electro / Electronic Body Music . Darkwave .

These radio programmes aired on Australian Community Radio Station 2XX 98.3FM (Canberra, ACT, Australia)

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Artist - Song Title

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2010 January 27 - DJ Robot Citizen S.I.N.G.E.D. radioshow playlist

Returning to on-air radio after an hiatus of several years

A focus on the "DEMUS Compiled II" 2 CD compilation of "dark underground electronica noise industrial dark ambient and beyond..." Australian d.i.y. self-released artists... compiled by Ivan Bullock of the groups Mystral Tide, Minorarc & Sleeplab... A * signifies tracks from this collection.

##. artist - track
01. sisters of mercy - floorshow
02. swans - i am the sun
03. death of art - anti-valentine *
04. mental destruction - doomed *
05. midnight juggernauts - so many frequencies
06. telescopes - anticipating nowhere
07. medicide - take this to numb the pain *
08. skinny puppy - convulsions
09. eye - this system (will eat itself) *
10. ultraviolence - electric chair
11. michael james olsen - walking quickly closer *
12. bastich - secret *
13. sarcophony - we are not your target audience *
14. alternate parallel reality - don't make me come down there *
15. theunsoundproject - phoenix (death to the dog) *
16. dead unit - dissolved world *
17. compressed infinity - fading into the void *

- - - - -

2010 February 17 - S.I.N.G.E.D. radio show presented by DJ Robot CiTiZen.

Part 1 of 4 of a special series on "Dark Alternative Music from the city of Canberra" - 1981-1996 ... * It's the capital city of Australia.

01. The Church - "Unguarded Moments" 1981
Neo-psychedelic new wave pre-goth rock from the "Of Skins and Heart" album. They had numerous top 40 hits and became well-known internationally as one of the key alt-pop-rock bands of the 1980s. Steve Kilbey - frontman, singer, bass player - grew up in Canberra.

02. Near Death Experience - "Mutandis" - 1990
Early underground project that explored EBM (electronic body music) and post-industrial cyberpunk electro. Hear it at ... One half went on to form Dark Network Mk1 (below).

03. The Entwined - "15" - 1991-92
Trippy female-vox indie goth-pop fronted by club DJ Nadine. They played numerous gigs in Canberra and moved to Melbourne. Two members went on to form Continuum (below). Hear it at

04. Sidewinder - "Moments like these" - 1992
Emotive dark indie rock from their debut "T-Star" EP. Teen goth brothers from Narrabundah college transformed to become indie-rock darlings of national radio "JJJ bands" during the 1990s. They toured extensively for years including a support tour for U2. See

05. EYE - "Grave New World" - 1993
Manic electro-industrial cyber-metal-punk-rock from "Demonstrations 9394". EYE's music was released on: 40 or so compilation albums in Australia, the USA, Canada, UK and Europe; on several albums released via; received regular airplay on community radio stations around Australia and on the popular national Triple J radio playlists for their E.L.F. music band side-project.

06. Dark Network Mk1 - "The Innocent" - 1994
This is the original 2-piece line-up which was later renamed (by the departing member) as 'She Dismembers' for a MySpace account. Style: Dark analogue electro-industrial. Hear it at With the line-up change around late-1994 the project transformed to become a more conventional "stoner" acid-house Clan Analogue project. They played numerous gigs locally and interstate and the later un-industrial line-up did a radio JJJ "mix up" session or two.

07. B(if)tek - "The Climb" - 1995-96
Dark electro analogue acid from "Sub-Vocal Theme Park" CD. Became darlings of the music press and JJJ airplay; toured Europe.

08. Sterile - "Control" - 1996
Cyber industrial metal rock; from their debut CD called "Warm Dark Noise". Previously known as "The Righteous Corrupt" they moved from Canberra to Sydney in 1992. They toured in support of Fear Factory in the late 90s.

09. Continuum - "Neurosis" - 1996
Dark analogue-based electronica. See video at:; Members were from The Entwined (above) who move to Melbourne and later as Continuum played numerous gigs including "the Boiler Room" of Big Day Out 1996; were central to the Melbourne chapter of the Clan Analogue collective.

10. AYA - "(Analogue) Rituals" (also released as "The Bions") - 1996
Analogue-synth-based post-industrial dark electronica. A side project of EYE (see above); music inspired by performing live as part of the project called "STOAT (CLANBERRA)" which headlined the Clan Analogue stage at the 1996 Sydney Big Day Out music festival. AYA changed name around 1999 to become known as "elf" and "E.L.F." not to be confused with a later project by others called "The E.L.F."

- - - - -

2010 March 17 - S.I.N.G.E.D. radio show presented by dj rObOT CitiZeN.

Part 2 of 4 in a radio series on "Dark Alternative Music Bands of Canberra" - 1997-2002

01. The Dark Violence of Beauty - "Catherine, Part 1" - 1997
Gothic rock from the album titled "At the Sign of the Pink Flamingo". They played a lot of gigs. Several video clips were played on ABC TV's "Rage". Refer to Of the songs that are there imho "Holyland" and "Phoenix" are the best, the most goth. A review of the album is here.

02. The Closet Stiffs (ftg Lady Hannah Cadaver on vox) - "Black & Gold" (soundcloud) - 1997
Electronic rock from the album "Non Violent Electronica". They played numerous live shows, released the album and then sadly broke up. A review of the album is here.

03. Dark Network (MkII) - "Pizza" (bandcamp) - 1997
Dark acid house dub. With various line-ups they played numerous live events and did some live to airs on radio JJJ. They put out a few CDs via Blatant Propaganda and Clan Analogue with many tracks on C.A. compilations. This track is from the "Electricity" compilation albums of Canberran Electronic Music.

04. AYA (ftg Lady Hannah Cadaver on vox) - "Aphazia" (youtube) - 1998
Post-industrial electro glitch house. AYA was EYE's mid-90s side-project to focus on non-lyrical dark electronica. This and other AYA tunes were released on several cassette and CDr albums and compilation CDs in Australia, Europe and North America. AYA later changed name to "E.L.F." and "ELF". With that name the project achieved daily airplay on the JJJ radio playlists in 2003. AYA tunes are being re-released via Lady Cadaver also features on the EYE track Kadoish Adonais Tseybeyoth (youtube) Here's the listing on Discogs for the AYA music band.

05. EYE - "No Mandate!" (bandcamp) - 1998
Post-industrial electro rock. EYE tracks were released on scores of compilation CDs internationally, self-released many albums and had lots of radio airplay nationally and video clips broadcast on the national ABC & SBS TV stations. This track is from the album called "Politics Can Be Fun". It was awarded "album of the week" on several radio stations. The video clip for the other part to this track, titled "Mandate!", is on youtube via that link. It was produced by Scott of Dark Violence of Beauty (see above). Here's the listing on Discogs for the EYE music band. Read more via

06. WhitePlan - Against Stupidity" (bandcamp) - 1999
Dark post-industrial psy-trance electro-house from the 2CD "Electricity" compilation albums of Electronic Music from Canberra.
Review of the album is here.

07. SysX - "Boomstik" (bandcamp) - 2001
Electro industrial hardcore power noise project. This is track from the "A.S.I.N.G.E.D." compilation of underground independent Australian alternative music. A bit more info about SysX is here

08. DJ Citizen - "Never Before Have We Been So Contented" (bandcamp) - 2001
Power-noise electro-industrial glitch-witch-core. Another side/sibling/child-project of EYE - designed to showcase the heavier electronic instrumentals. A mail-order EP was released via ... Tracks were released on several compilation CDs. Some of the material is (to be) re-released on EYE's "Propaganda Machine" CDs online via

09. The Baby Shakers - "Prey" - 2002.
Punk goth hard rock 5-piece fem band. They did heaps of gigs, released an EP-CD and then sadly broke up. This is from the CD "Shake Rattle and Roll". More music can be heard online at :-)

10. Kimmo Vennonen - "Reality Intrudes" (bandcamp) - late 1990s.
Dark ambient glitchy noisescapes. A mainstay of Canberra's experimental and theatre music community since the 80s. From the Electricity compilation albums of Canberra Electronic Music.

- - - - -

MISSING: The playlist for the April edition of this radio series on Canberra musicians making dark alternative (gothic, industrial, electronic) music - part 3 of 4 (2002-2004). Will post if/when found.

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2010 May - S.I.N.G.E.D. radio program hosted by DJ RoboT CitiZeN.

Part 4 of 4 in the radio series on "Canberran Dark Alternative Music Groups" - 2004-2009

1/. Monopod - "Q and A" - 2004
Glitchy electronica. Refer to: ... Warwick went on to form a group called 'Orbis Tertius' in the 2010s.

2/. DJ Citizen - "The Power of the Media to Condition Consciousness is Vast" - 2004.
Power-noise electro-industrial. This track is available via ... DJ Citizen material is being re-released on the "Propaganda Machine" EYE CDs online via

3/. Through The Ice - "Over It" - 2005
Dark electronica. Refer to: ... A project by Mike Dowling formerly of "Near Death Experience" & the original line up of "Dark Network" (aka. "she dismembers") - see part 1 of this radio series (on this page) regards those.

4/. Compressed Infinity - "Fading into the void" - 2009
Electro-industrial project of Raymond Yee. Link:

5/. Bastich - "Secret" - 2009
Electro industrial metal-rock - refer to and ... Duncan Little from Canberra now based in Melbourne; later part of the hard-rock band "Mass Rejection"

7/. Marc David Myles Robertson - "Nectar" - 2009
Dark post-industrial electronica. Refer to

8/. Death Cult Massive - "The Virus" - 2009
Dark Glitchy Electro-Industrial. Refer to:

9/. Longest Day - "Slow Motion World" - 2007
Melancholy shoegazer-type project of Jay Annabel who also produced electronic music as "Underscore". See

10/. CaveFish - "Drifting Away" - 2009
Dark electronic rock project of Alex and Matt. Refer to

11/. Mystral Tide - "Edifice" - 2009
Originally from Canberra then Japan now Melbourne; the founder of the collective/label and co-organiser of the regular Enzyme nights (Melbourne) that showcase the work of live underground d.i.y. dark electronic musicians.

12/. Horse MacGuyver - "e x p blow wave" 2009
Being a project of "Tim Ufdghhsgdj". Refer to listing on

- - - - -

2010 June 16 - DJ Robot Citizen's "S.I.N.G.E.D." radio program playlist

Laibach - ti ki izzivas (outro)
Ministry - you know what you are
Einsturzende Neubauten - was ist ist
Nitzer Ebb - control i'm here
Dukes of Windsor - refuse
Bauhaus - stigmata martyr
Fate Razor (aka. Crimson Boy) - cold comfort logic
Skinny Puppy - brap
Dead Can Dance - sophia
Alien Sex Fiend - i walk the line
Laibach - die liebe
Swamp Terrorists - rebuff
Big Black - kerosene
The Birthday Party - blast off

- - - - -

2010 July 21

With special guest Robbie Goldstein, music producer, presenting several of his tracks and some favourite songs marked with a ^:

DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) - kebab traume
Evanescence - lies ^
Joy Division - isolation
Babyland - logans run
Peril - exchange rate
Siouxsie Sioux & Morrissey - interlude ^
Robbie Goldstein - here comes the dark
Laibach - geburt einer nation
Robbie Goldstein - love without a name
Sisters of Mercy - amphetamine logic
Suicide Commando - comatose delusions (vac remix)
Sven Vath - accident in paradise
Marilyn Manson - dope show
Stromkern - heretic III

- - - - -

2010 August 11 - playlist for DJ Robot's "S.I.N.G.E.D." radio show

PIL (public image limited) - warrior
David Bowie - it's no game (part 1)
Christian Death - church of no return
Miss Construction - pornostar
Ministry - i prefer
Noisuf-x - hit me hard
Skinny Puppy - magnifishit
Echo & the Bunnymen - the cutter
Royksopp - what else is there? (vitalic remix)
Manufacture - as the end draws near
Christian Death - haloes

- - - - -

2010 September 15

With special guest Chris from Canberra band The Devilzwork

Editors - sparks
Misery Loves Company - my mind still speaks
Pitchshifter - higher form of killing
Bauhaus - swing the heartache
The Devilzwork - monochrome
Ministry - stigmata (live version)
The Devilzwork - bulldozer
Godflesh - locust furnace
The Devilzwork - filth
The Devilzwork - sledge

- - - - -

2010 October 14

Extended length show with special guest Marc David Myles Robertson (soundcloud link) presenting several of his own recordings plus a selection of his favourite tracks marked ^ with the rest being selections by DJ Robot ...

Caged Baby - 16 lovers
Marc Robertson - the garden %
Tok Tok and Soffy O - missy queen is gonna die
Marc Robertson - square eyes %
Sirus - consumerism religion *
Many Machines on 9 - when it kills you ^ *
Marc Robertson - you let me fall %
Skinny Puppy - testure
Marc Robertson - nectar %
Front Line Assembly - transtime
Puscifer - momma sed ^
Laibach - one after 909 (beatles cover)
Patrick Wolf - army dreamers (kate bush cover) ^
Lard - mate spawn and die
Trentemoller - always something better ^
Headbutt - duffel bag
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - mystery babylon
Marc Robertson - deep down trauma hounds (skinny puppy cover) %
Necrarch - absence of light *
Editors - papillon
Laibach - across the universe (beatles cover)
The Cabins - catcher in the rye *
Felicity Groom - criminals ^
How to Destroy Angels - a drowning ^
Mothballz - the rise of emo (night terror recordings) *
Skinny Puppy - human disease (skumm) ^
Sirus - population control *
Matt Bleak - deformation (night terror recordings) *
Lard - can god fill teeth
Cavefish - drifting %
Lahka Muza - pribu smutka

% = Canberran artists; * = Australian artists - You can find links for them via this site's Home Page

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2010 November 17 - playlist for DJ Citizen's "S.I.N.G.E.D." radio programme

Feature for upcoming Combichrist tour with support acts Shiv-R, Sirus, Bitch Brigade:

Mystral Tide - hoxian parallel *
Combichrist - enjoy the abuse
Sirus - stray dogs *
Shiv-R - parasite *
Ohgr - kettle
Bitch Brigade - licky the carnivorous pony *
Combichrist - blut royale
Shiv-R - the end *
Sirus - break the dementia *
Combichrist - this sh*t will fuck you up
Stark - lifestyle (Lee Bulig's solo project) *

* Ye can find info and links about these Australian Alternative Music Bands via this site's band profiles and artist links pages.

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