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The band's core line-up formed in 1973 in the city of Melbourne. Fronted by Nick Cave, The Boys Next Door (BND) are arguably the world's first formed - certainly one of the first - bands that would later be described with terms like "gothic", "goth rock" and "post-punk". They later changed name to The Birthday Party (BP) with several members continuing on with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds from the mid-80s. BND's music started as offbeat sinister new-wave punk-rock-pop. It soon evolved into a very original style of chaotic, wild and intensely emotional music - an area where goth and punk music meets early industrial and demented avant garde jazz. BND's debut album Door Door was released in 1979 - a year that is often considered to be the birth of gothic-rock. Tracks 6-10 include guitarist Rowland S Howard and these reflect best the coming progression to BP music. The gothic ballad "Shivers" became their best known song, written by Howard when he was just 16. It featured in the soundtrack of the 1980s cult film Dogs in Space. It was a favourite song on late-night national music TV for several decades. The 2nd release, the 5-track Hee-Haw EP, leads the way into wilder music. The 3rd release was The Birthday Party album. Release 2 and 3 were later re-released under the band name The Birthday Party. They relocated to the UK in 1980 then Germany in 1982. They released several more Birthday Party albums before splintering into several other bands.

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Door, Door - The Boys Next Door


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(1979-80; most tracks originally released as Boys Next Door; re-released as The Birthday Party)

Boys Next Door early live 1979

Boys Next Door early live gig photo

Boys Next Door early 4 members


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