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Formed in 1973 in Melbourne as The Boys Next Door they changed name to The Birthday Party in 1980. Widely considered to be one of the most exciting and innovative groups in post-punk music their influence is alive and well in music today. They toured the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia numerous times, released several albums, splitting-up in 1983. Some members formed Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds while others went on to groups like Crime & the City Solution and later These Immortal Souls.
From wikipedia: "Though often indirect, their influence has been far-reaching, and have been called one of "the darkest and most challenging post-punk groups to emerge in the early '80s." Their music was classified by critic Simon Reynolds as gothic rock. In his lyrics, Nick Cave combined "sacred and profane" things, using old testament imagery, with stories about sin, curses and damnation. Their 1981 single "Release the Bats" was particularly influential in the gothic scene... The Birthday Party's initial impact was on the Gothic rock genre. According to New Musical Express, "The Party have been indirectly held responsible for the rise of a visceral new hardcore..."

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For earlier music by the band see the profile for The Boys Next Door - their second album was titled "The Birthday Party" and was re-released later on, after they changed name, under that artist name. For later music see the page for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

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