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DJ Robot Citizen: "Hello, if you are (or have been) an Australian or New Zealand resident who has released music/sounds in these related genres and I haven't yet discovered and linked to you - have a look at this big page of links first - feel welcome to send a message via the options listed on the contact page...

If you've got a news item to promote - like a gig, tour, a new release - visit & 'like' this facebook page and send me a message through there. That gets your news on my radar and it's the most practical and quick thing I can do to assist. :-)

In addition you might be interested in the "Site Sponsor" options that are explained below..."

As a "Site Sponsor" we can further showcase your work to our audience.

The "Audience": This site was born in September 2012 and topped 100,000 "visits" in November 2014. As of Jan 01 2016 the site has received 171,062 "visits" with 262,574 "page impressions". Some images below illustrate these traffic statistics. Nearly all of the traffic comes from search engines: people searching for terms like "gothic industrial music", "industrial gothic bands" - terms for which this site features high on Google & Bing search results - amongst others.

If you would like to make your genre-relevant music-art project more highly visible to our audience: we can add an Image-Link-to-Your-Site that appears on all pages of the site. At present these display in the right-side column.

Rates are for 5,000 page impressions (which takes approximately 4-6 weeks):
~ Spot 1 = $50 ... Status = AVAILABLE ... $50/5,000 impressions = 1 cent per page impression.
~ Spot 2 = Status=Taken.
~ Spot 3 = Status=Taken.
~ Spot 4 = Status=Taken.

Of course we cannot guarantee people look at or click on any particular Image-Link. It is up to them. We can discuss with you ideas about how to create a suitable and compelling image-link. If you think this is a good way to increase public awareness about your music/art/fashion project, then send a message to us about becoming a sponsor: contact(at)australiangothicindustrialmusic.com - replace the (at) with an @ to make it a proper email address. ;)

Alternatively you can visit & 'like' this page on facebook and send a message via the inbox! :)

Diagram - image shows weekly statistics as of October 12, 2018: 2087 "unique visits" per week = ~108,000 per year.

site statistics

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Diagram - image shows statistics as of January 01, 2016: 171,062 visits in the first 3.25 years.

site statistics

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