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Formed in New Zealand in 1972 Split Enz also became one of the best loved bands in Australia in the early 80s. They pre-date the genres of 'goth' and 'industrial' yet are included here as they: a) explored many visual and musical traits of what were to become hallmarks of those and similar genres; b) were immensely popular and influential upon countless artists who followed in their wake. They achieved major chart success in many countries (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, and USA) reaching number one with several albums and charting high with the dark romance of New Wave singles like "I Got You", "One Step Ahead", "History never repeats" and "Dirty Creature". Their style was diverse with aspects of art rock, new wave, cabaret, vaudeville, post-punk, rock and pop. They had many distinctive visual styles incorporating cabaret, glam, punk and the black & white gothic punk look many years, it seems, before anyone else did. The band broke up in 1984 reforming later on for several successful tours. Members continued in other projects such as The Swingers (went number 1 in 1981), Schnell Fenster, The Finn Brothers and the immensely successful Crowded House who achieved major chart success in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, UK and other European countries. There are clips in the playlist below to songs by each of these projects.

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