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Formed in Sydney 2000, JERK were an explosive and intense Industrial-Metal Heavy Rock band. They released an EP in 2001 and an album in 2003 with very high quality studio-production courtesy of Sean Bevan who has produced for Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, God Lives Underwater, Slayer, No Doubt and System of a Down. JERK supported Marilyn Manson, Insane Clown Posse, Killing Joke and Disturbed on their respective Sydney tours. After making 4 professional music videos, of having songs featured in the soundtracks of several video games, of touring with big-name artists and as headliners themselves, building great momentum that every band aspires to, the band sadly broke up in 2004 - at the peak of local success and poised to launch to overseas markets. A decade later their music is very popular & highly respected, perhaps even moreso than when they were active, as there was still resistance in the local heavy-rock-metal live-music scenes to their style of heavy industrial-rock. Members of Jerk went on to work in bands such as Ink, Melody Black & Graveyard Rockstars.

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