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In this episode we hear from the mystery man behind the underground dark music project Morbious; based in Sydney. Firstly, you can download a free copy of the track: "Code". It is featured on the "S.I.N.G.E.D. 2" compilation album. There are links to more Morbious music further below.

Interview by DJ Robot Citizen:

To start with, I'm picking up on particular themes and topics of interest in the music and lyrics of Morbious; would you like to elaborate on what the guiding ethos and subject matters are?

The driving ethos behind Morbious is writing songs about the paranormal, conspiracy and alien themes with an underlining message. Simply to open people's eyes to perspectives other than what mainstream like to regurgitate.

Robot: When did Morbious come in to being and what initially inspired you to embark upon it?

Morbious was started about four years ago when i decided to get back into writing the music that originally inspired me. Synthesizers in particular have been a passion of mine since i was sixteen when i bought my first synth after hearing Gary Numan's "Replicas" album. Morbious has developed into a dark industrial band whose sound is based around heavy guitars and synthesizers, with the added shade of delicate piano and raw stark vocal lines. Recently I have brought in some other talented session musicians to help create a further dynamic, including a bass player, pianist and violinist, who will help bring to life the new album and slight change of direction in sound. The album "Machines Asylum" will be due out later in 2016.

Robot: How many works have you released and where are they available from?

Morbious has released one full length album entitled "The Thin Instant of Present". With videos for the songs "Die Again" and "The Id" available on YouTube. A single from the new album "MACHINES ASYLUM" called "Nephilim Seed" was released last November and has been played in the US and Canada on a radio show called "The Conspiracy Show". The next single "The Prey" is just getting some final touches and mastering and is due out in March or April. The new album although similar, is a little more synth driven and slightly less raw sounding. All Morbious releases are available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google play. I also have a soundcloud page where i put up song ideas to see what feedback it gets.

Morbious Music Band Group Musician Project Artist Images Photos Pictures

Robot: Does Morbious perform live?

Morbious is primarily a studio band as it's quite difficult to get the sound i would like live without using a Mac to run a bunch of backing tracks. Having said that i would love to get out there and play live at some stage in the future.

What do you think are some key challenges that independent/underground musicians face today; overall/worldwide and, if anything, issues that seem specific to being in our region?

Although there are some great opportunities for independent musicians these days with the advent of the internet and sites dedicated to the releasing of independent music, it's still very difficult to break into the mainstream as it is still run to conformity. So if your music doesn't sound like everything else, you can forget about mainstream radio playing you. Having said that there are ways of getting your songs played alongside your favorite artists. Sites like "radio airplay" will for a small fee, play your music in with the biggest artists of your choosing that have a similar sound to you, giving you the chance to be heard by people you would not normally have access to. On another note if you have even a small following you can always try a pledge campaign to help fund your new album or project.

What are your plans for Morbious for the upcoming year?

First of all the single release for "The Prey", then I have to finish the album. In the meantime I've been mastering tracks for people (so if you are after budget mastering you can contact me at "Morbious7(at)gmail(dot)com") and I'm in the middle of writing a book based on a screenplay a wrote a few years back, which I also hope to have finished by the end of the year.

Robot: Thank-you and best wishes for productivity and success in all those areas. To close, here are some of those links again where Morbious music can be heard: Morbious Soundcloud - Morbious Youtube Channel

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