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Often considered to be the vanguard of American goth rock, known as "deathrock", Christian Death was founded in 1978 by vocalist Rozz Williams in California. The original members fell apart after one album. Rozz was then joined by members of Australian-born Valor Kand's group Pompeii 99. Valor co-wrote and arranged the music from the second album Christian Death onwards. He became the group's leader (singer and song-writer) in 1985 after Rozz Williams quit. I term this post-Rozz phase the "CD mk3" lineup. Valor has written and produced 11 albums between 1985 and 2007 with many members coming and going. The music journeys from the early wailing deathrock-goth-rock through to later industrial-metal. The tracks featured below are Valor's compositions and productions, mostly with his vocals or as noted some feature female vocals and some feature Rozz. (I have posted some early CD, Rozz William's songs at the end, in honour of him.)

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Videos & Songs

Christian Death - This is Heresy 1987


Christian Death - Sick of Love 1987 - vocals by Valor & Gitane.


Christian Death - I Hate You 1989 - vocals by Valor's son

Christian Death - Chimere De Si De La & Silent Thunder 1986


Christian Death - The Wind Kissed Pictures 1985


Christian Death - Zodiac (he is still out there) 2000 - female vocals


Christian Death - Strapping me down 1986.


Christian Death - The Four Horsemen 1987.


Christian Death - Nazi Killer 1989.

Christian Death - Love don't bring me down


Christian Death - Believers of the Unpure 1986.


Christian Death - The Knife 2000 - female vocals


Christian Death - Between Youth 1986


Christian Death - Church of No Return 1988.


Christian Death - Malus Amor 1990


Christian Death - Without 1996


Christian Death - Will O the Wisp 1986


Christian Death - Sominum 1990

Christian Death - Ten thousand hundred times 1987.

Christian Death - Kneel down 1989.


Christian Death - Lacrima Christi 1985


Christian Death - Sleepwalk 1984 - vocals by Rozz, co-written/arranged by Valor.


Christian Death - Children of the volley 1989.


Christian Death - Strange Fortune 1986 - vocals by Valor


Christian Death - Climate of Violence 1989.
Part 1: The Relinquishment - Part 2: The Satanic Verses (Rushdie's Lament) - Part 3: A Malice Of Prejudice.


Christian Death - Zero Sex 1989.


Christian Death - Erection 1987.


Christian Death - Angels and Drugs 2009


Christian Death - The drowning 1984 - vocals by Rozz, co-written by Valor.

Christian Death - This is Heresy Live 1989.


Original Christian Death as led by vocalist-composer Rozz Williams

Christian Death - Romeo's Distress 1981 - vocals by Rozz


Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp 1981 - vocals by Rozz



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